End Credit Title Cards and Roll
(Listed as in film)

Dedicated to
Robert Presser and Ann Loeb Bronfman

Dedicated to
Mardi and Alex

Dedicated to
Lydia Walker

Executive Producer
Adam Bronfman

Produced by
Patrick S. Lovell
Eric Vaughan

Edited by
Christian Serge Nelson

Additional Editors
Jeff Castelluccio
Chris Rognan

Director of Photography
Eric Vaughan

Additional Photography
Chris Rognan
Christian Serge Nelson

Kristine Vaughan
Christian Serge Nelson
Chris Rognan
David Scott Van Woert

IdentityFX, Inc.
Leo Vezzali

Music Supervisor
Christian Serge Nelson

Post Production 5.1 Surround Sound Facility
Priddis Music
The Castle Recording Studio

Post Production Sound Engineer
"Big" Bryan Sansom


Principal Interviewees

Robert Vaughan

Adam Bronfman

Robert and Roberta Lovell

Trey Copeland

Henry Sigg

Rocky Anderson
High Road for Human Rights

Corey Smith

Jeremy Rifkin Ph.D.
Wharton Business School
Third Industrial Revolution

Van Jones
Rebuild the Dream

Zaid Jilani
Think Progress

Mary Boyle
Common Cause

Jacquese Blackwell

Jeff Siegel
Green Chip Stocks

Sebastian Gorka Ph.D.
Foundation for
Defense of Democracies

William Arnold
Jones Graduate School of Business

Jeffrey Sachs Ph.D.
Director Columbia Earth Institute

Jeremy Johnson

Eric Krattiger
Financial Advisor

Alan Cobb
Americans for Prosperity
Director State Operations

Rory Fanning

Lance Odden
New Providence Asset Management
Taft School

Greta Krippner Ph.D.
University of Michigan

Principal Contributors

Bernie Sanders
Senator Vermont

James Hansen Ph.D.
NASA Scientist

JenKev Productions
Kevin Haberer

Post Production Sound Assistant
Trevor Van Soolen

Post Production Sound Intern
Andrew Keele

5-Alarm Music
de Wolfe Music

Performed by Gigland
Written by C. Nelson & D. Brown
Published by Christian Serge Productions

"American Trash"
Performed by Innerpartysystem
Written by Kris Barmen, Patrick Nissley,
and Jared Piccone
Published by Toro Rosso Tracks

"Devil Town"
Performed by
The Builders and The Butchers
Written by Ryan Solle
Published by Gigantic Music

"Golden and Green"
Performed by
The Builders and The Butchers
Written by Ryan Solle
Published by Gigantic Music

"Raise Up Your Weary Hands"
Performed by
The Builders and The Butchers
Written by Ryan Sollee
Published by Gigantic Music

"Start A Riot"
Written and Performed by BxDxF
Occupy Music - for the 99

"Ship of Fools"
Performed by World Party
Written by Edmond De Vere Karl Wallinger
Published by Universal Music

"Hey World"
Performed by Michael Franti
Written by Michael Franti
Published by Universal Music Corp.
on behalf of itself and Frantic Solutions

"Yell Fire"
Performed by Michael Franti
Written by Michael Franti, David Shul,
Carl Rogers Young
Published by Universal Music Corp.
on behalf of itself and Frantic Solutions,
Epitaph Records

"We Are The 99"
Performed by Betsi Krisniski
Occupy Music - for the 99

"We're All In This Together"
Performed by Gabby Young
Occupy Music - for the 99

"We Will Not Break"
Performed by Kurt Griesemer
Occupy Music - for the 99

"Hopeful Monsters"
Performed by The General Assembly
Occupy Music - for the 99

Special Thanks
Jennifer Barber
without whom we would have
never made it

To our friends for their
support and participation
Will forever be appreciated

James Hughes
Rich Wherty
Jennifer Sutton
Brenden Welsch
Genvieve Schildroth
Jeff Capen
Eric Wilmoth
Mark Holmstrom
Dan Hammern
Anne Pia
Jim Elsworth
Kent Krietler
Trent Throckmorton
Stiles White
Frank Kates
Andy Biggs
Chase Robinson
Jeff O'Neil
Marion Trent
Tiffany Eichner
Anna Friddle
Brooklyn Nelson
C. Walker Nelson

Additional Thanks to
Justin Wilkenfield
Todd Ballard
Wes Howell
Zachary Paraskeva

Ted Talks

Hometeam footage courtesy of
Litton Entertainment

Frosted Flakes Commercial
Courtesy Kellogg's
© Leo Burnette Agency 1985

Snowboarding footage
Courtesy Ski Utah

Festival After Dark
Courtesy Park City Television ©

Bailout/US Banks/Foreclosure Cartoon
Hurwitt '08

Trickle Down - Cagle Cartoons
The Buffalo News

Goldman Sachs Moral Compass

Goldman Sachs "Looting"
Columbus Daily Tribune

Oil Subsidies from Congress

Mountaintop Removal: An American Tragedy

NASA satellite footage
Courtesy of

"The Mountaineers"
King Lines
Big UP Productions
Sender Films
Footage Courtesy Mike Call

Courtesy Google Earth

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Rory Fanning Walks Across
the Country for Pat Tillman
Courtesy of Fox News©

Pat Tillman Highlights
Game Day
NFL footage courtesy of the NFL©

Safety Net Cartoon

Ed Clarke
for an introduction to the 3rd Industrial Revolution

Dylan Ratigan (Greedy Bastards)

Van Jones (Rebuild the Dream)

Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone Magazine)

CBS Evening News
Bonus Time On Wall Street
Byron Pitts Reporting

And all of the thousands of Americans
who took to the streets while sacrificing
themselves for the future of our country
by fighting the good fight



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