OLVIDADOS (FORGOTTEN) had an incredible 3 week run in Washington DC – with over 15 sold out screenings – thanks to the support of the Bolivian community!

After a theatrical run that saw over FIFTEEN sold out screenings in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., Olvidados is now available on DVD, BLU-RAY & Download-to-Own from Cinema Libre Studio in the United States! Olvidados, the Bolivian Official Entry to the Foreign Language Film category for the 87th Academy Awards, continues to inspire audiences everywhere it goes.

Along the way producer/star Carla Ortiz has received congressional recognition for her humanitarian work as well as accolades from United Women For Immigration and four Maya awards.

Critics have praised the film:

“Forces contemporary audiences to confront the roots of today’s politics and to remember atrocities such as the theft of thousands of children from their families.”
– Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times

“Captures the visceral terror of torture so powerfully that it jars the viewer.”
–Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

“Unbelievably powerful…”
– Bijan Tehrani, Cinema Without Borders


The film features an international cast of Latin American luminaries including: Damián Alcázar, Rafael Ferro, Carla Ortiz, Tomás Fonzi, Christian Mercado, Ana Calentano and has had Gala screenings and Opening Night programming at significant international festivals including Mar Del Plata, Merida International Film Festival, San Diego Latino FF, Chicago international Latino international FF and more. Olvidados was produced by Bolivian actress Carla Ortiz and executive produced by Frank Giustra, founder of Lionsgate.

Film Synopsis:
After suffering a heart attack, retired General José Mendieta (Damián Alcázar) is haunted by his dark past as an officer in Operation Condor, the CIA-backed campaign of political repression in Latin America that was responsible for executions, torture, and imprisonments in the 1970’s. It is estimated that over 400,000 people were imprisoned and 30,000 forcibly disappeared as a result of these government actions.

In a letter to his son Pablo (Bernardo Peña), Mendieta confesses the role he played in the abduction, persecution, and execution of countless men and women during his posting to Chile. Journalist Marco (Carlotto Cotta) and his pregnant wife Luciá (Carla Ortiz) are among those who were arrested, along with their activist friend Antonio (Tomás Fonzi) and revolutionary Andrea (Ana Calentano). They suffer terribly under Mendieta and his cohort Sanera (Rafael Ferro), which leads to a cascade of betrayals, secrets, and stolen lives that spans generations.

Olvidados (Forgotten), Bolivia’s Foreign Language Film submission for the 87th Academy Awards®, stars renowned actors from five countries, and was filmed in Bolivia, Chile, and New York. It is the first film to specifically address the horrors perpetrated under Operation Condor, which was responsible for: 50,000 deaths; 30,000 “disappeared”; and 400,000 arrested and imprisoned in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Olvidados (Forgotten) from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

Since independent films succeed literally based on the passion of its audience, we sincerely request that you share word about this important film with your networks via website posts, emails or social media. Your support has helped get the film to where it is today!



We ship internationally from the Cinema Libre Studio store. The Region-Free discs can be played worldwide (price does not include shipping and handling)


Price: 29.95

BLU-RAY Bonus Features Include:
• Trailers
• Photo Gallery
• Featurettes – Making of Olvidados with Producer/Actress Carla Ortiz, Finding the Story, Production, Collaborating with the Artists, Post-Production & The Film’s Impact
• Closed Captions

Price: 24.95
DVD Bonus Features Include:
• Trailers
• Featurettes – Making of Olvidados with Producer/Actress Carla Ortiz & The Film’s Impact
• Closed Captions



Prefer Digital? North American fans – get a download-to-own copy from Vimeo On Demand or Amazon Instant Video(Download-to-own only in North America).



Would you like to screen the film in an educational setting (college classroom or campus organization?) or license the film to host your own screening outside of a school setting?

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If you’d like to schedule an interview with producer/actress Carla Ortiz, she is available for radio, print and TV in between her travels to bring Olvidados around the world! Contact Beth Portello of Cinema Libre Studio for any inquiries and requests at: press@cinemalibrestudio.com

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