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DVD Review: South of the Border
By: Dan Lybarger
Posted: October 25, 2010 10:51 PM
Because of his fondness of conspiracies and selective presentations of fact in his narrative movies (sorry Doors fans, they weren’t going to play Woodstock anyway), it’s easy to pigeonhole Oliver Stone as a loon with a camera.
At his best, however, Stone can help viewers discover viable alternatives to the official versions of history and current events. Much of the recent coverage of South America in our domestic media has been superficial and shoddy. So his recent documentary South …

On DVD, The Best Government Money Can Buy »

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In one state Colorado, in a non Presidential election year, the two parties spent more than $3.6 million on last Tuesday alone! Politico Outside groups spent $3.6 million to influence the Colorado Senate race — and that was just last Tuesday alone. The flash of Colorado cash was part of a record-smashing one-day spending spree […]

On DVD, The Best Government Money Can Buy »

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MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan will interview Francis Megahy on his show this Tuesday, October 26, 2010.   The show airs weekdays from 4pm to 5pm Eastern Time The show focuses on debate and discussion relating to politics and the economy. Ratigan often offers commentary on the subject matter and rebuttal to many of the guests who […]

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CQ Politics reports on one registered lobbyist who has raised significant sums for this election cycle for the Democrats. CQ Politics A longstanding practice on K Street, political contribution bundling was elevated to an art form by President George W. Bush ’s campaigns earlier this decade. Democrats made the gifts a target in their ethics […]

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[22 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]
Review: Oliver Stone DVD Examines Rise of Socialism in Latin America

South of the Border DVD Review
by Kam Williams
If you’ve read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins, then you are well aware of the lengths to which CIA and other agents operating on behalf of the U.S. government and Fortune 500 corporations have gone to install puppets as heads of state in countries all across Latin America. But those still in the dark about America’s role in countless coups around the region, might feel enlightened by South of the Border, as informative a …

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Oliver Stone’s

Educational, Public Performance Rights (PPR), & Grassroots Sales Programs
There’s a revolution underway in South America, but most of the world doesn’t know it. In SOUTH OF THE BORDER,  Oliver Stone sets out on a road trip across five countries to explore the social and political movements as well as the mainstream media’s misperception of South America while interviewing seven of its elected presidents. In casual conversations with Presidents Hugo Chávez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), as well as her …

The Best Government Money Can Buy »

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CNN opinion piece on how President Obama is also at fault in massive changes in campaign funding strategies that have emerged in this election campaign. CNN As a candidate, Obama railed against the way that money influenced politics.  He reiterated a long-standing theme of reform-candidates that unless the political process changed, policies would remain the […]

Featured, Water Wars »

[15 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
WATER WARS: Highlights the Plight of Bangladeshis Continually Exposed to Poisoned Water

DHAKA — Up to 77 million Bangladeshis have been exposed to toxic levels of arsenic from contaminated drinking water, and even low-level exposure to the poison is not risk-free, The Lancet medical journal reported.
Over the past decade, more than 20 percent of deaths recorded in a study that monitored nearly 12,000 people in the Araihazar district of the capital Dhaka appear to have been caused by arsenic-tainted well water.
By some estimates, between 35 and 77 million people in Bangladesh have been chronically exposed to …

The Best Government Money Can Buy »

[14 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]

Bloomberg reports on the frantic efforts of financial services companies’ lobbyists to influence the new rules being designed to head off any future meltdowns. Bloomberg “The volume and intensity of the lobbying is unprecedented in my experience at the agency,” Chilton said. “They all have an ask. The types of loopholes that people are suggesting […]

The Best Government Money Can Buy »

[13 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]

Politico reports on the breakdown of campaign finance reform. The Best Government Money Can Buy? is a non partisan film on the connections between lobbying and campaign finance. Fred Wertheimer of Democracy 21 and Public Citizen are both participants in the documentary which is being distributed by Cinema Libre Studio. Politico For four decades, advocates […]