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A Post Production Survival Guide From Your Friendly Film Distribution Company

The film post production process on an indie project is a critical, yet complex road riddled with constantly changing technology and methods. Add to this the lack of a single ‘one-size-fits-all’ workflow that is appropriate for every filmmaker, and you can find yourself in an overwhelming, budget-draining situation before you know it. Here are some pro tips to help you ensure the post process on your film is less stressful and more effective and will be most beneficial to maximize sales with a film distribution company:

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Olympic Bodybuilder & Movie Producer Mo Anouti tackles Academy Award Contenders Birdman & Foxcatcher

Mo Anouti is an actor, writer, and producer. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Mo has appeared in several commercials, films, and TV shows. He can be found in supporting parts in TV’s The Young & The Restless, Chuck, The Unit and The Cape. In 2011, he started Arwayne Productions, a company specializing in producing independent film with Hero Of The Day, being its first full-feature film. Below he discusses recent acclaimed films Birdman, Foxcatcher and Fight Club, all known for their stories of fame, redemption and violence.

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New Years Resolutions: How Four Interesting Documentaries Can Help You Reinvent Yourself

45% Percent of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions. Even if you don’t, you’ve had the conversations and encouraged (or rolled your eyes) at your friends who vowed to lose weight or eat healthy or stop smoking. Its a cornerstone of the New Years process to look at your life and think about the passing of time and the fulfillment of some sort of goal or dream. With our social impact films, we at Cinema Libre frequently work with filmmakers who are pursuing a goal of making the world a better place or understanding what’s wrong with it presently. It’s often inspirational to watch these documentaries and experience the journey of its subjects who want to make a difference.

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4K Content in Demand? Will HD to 4K Upconversions Fill the Pipeline for Now?

Earlier this week, Amazon Prime joined Netflix as the second major subscription streaming service in the US to jump into the 4K game, announcing the launch of its much-anticipated new 4K UHD streaming service. (Amazon also announced 4K availability in the UK for October.)

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Autism Support & Advocacy: Three Films That Explore Living With Autism Spectrum Disorder

In the last decade, awareness of autism has expanded broadly in large part due to the money raised and spent by the advocacy organization, Autism Speaks. For most people, Autism Speaks is their entry point into learning about autism spectrum disorder either through searches on the web or their wide reaching marketing efforts. However, earlier this year, a group of autism advocates started the Boycott Autism Speaks campaign in order to raise awareness about the inner workings and fear mongering tactics of the fundraising behemoth. Today a ever growing number of activists are leading the charge for self-advocacy and their efforts to move the public discourse on autism away from a “causation and cure” mentality to one that allows autistic people to speak for themselves.

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How to Maximize Your New Online Movie Subscriptions – aka Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus

So, you haven’t joined the masses in signing up for one or more of the online video subscriptions, but you’ve always wanted one. You suddenly receive an email notification from a loved one that they’ve given you the gift of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu Plus. With each service adding new movies online every week, the question becomes “what do I watch?” If you are fan of learning, then we’ve got some interesting documentaries to recommend.