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In the port on nowhere in particular, in the middle of the district of the docks, at the end of an alley, one night, a woman cuts her throat with an old rusty razor. In despair because she has been raped, the women chooses to die. And her blood flows slowly towards the gutter…where the moon is reflected…
In the black sky many moons have risen, the man who raped her has not been found, the case has been closed and goes unremembered. Night after night, however, a man comes into the alley –nothing can restrain him- and stays to gaze on the dried blood stains that time doesn’t seem to erase…
This man is a docker, the young woman was his sister, she was gentle and pure…he loved her. Prisoner of this image that links him to his childhood, to his innocence, he has sworn to himself to find the rapist and to erase the blood stains that obsess him…
At the moment of the tragedy, he was on a hospital bed drifting in a fog of drugs, his two legs broken in an accident. He was incapable of preventing the tragedy; he can find no peace…
In the great labyrinth of the port, while he searches for the man who raped his sister, memories of the dead woman constantly reappear. But where does the truth end, where does his nightmare begin? Behind each shadow a rapist is hiding; no one escapes suspicion. Gerard, the docker, wanders through the night; he comes across some men…
Frank, his brother, with a dirty child’s face on which premature lines print a tragic look, his hair totally grey, the eternal chocolate melting in his hand, drowns himself in gin. He trembles with fear…but who is he afraid of?
Gerard walks through the night, the maze of the port is dark, the lights of the Mikado Bar attract lost souls like files…Gerard comes across Channing, the rich guy from up in the hills, who is there to drink until he no longer knows who he is…but who is he trying to forget ?
Gerard steps resound in the labyrinth of the port, huge advertising posters light up the night of the poor with their lies.
Gerard comes across Jesus who paints virgins and devours an ice-cream bar to quench his thirst…but what thirst is he trying to appease?
In the port, where the dockers sweat over their work, cranes extend their steel nerves and plunge their hands into ship bellies. And the ships go out and the ships come in, but these boats are dreams on which Gerard never leaves. He would have to abandon his unhappiness.
At the end of the quai, near the sea, Gerard always finds his way home to a shabby bungalow washed up on the shore between earth and sea…And where Bella is waiting for him…with her jealousy, her heavy breasts and a tigress’love. Bella is too jealous… The house is too poor…He should leave… But there is the alley, the blood stains that glisten in the darkness, the rapist without a face and a moon to drive you mad. He should move on, into the clouds…the moon is reflected in the gutter and all of a sudden in the middle of the pales of garbage, amid the rubbish, on the melting tar, a woman is walking towards Gerard. A name is Loretta. She is the sister of the dandy in the white suit. She gets out of a spotless red car. Beautiful and icy in the moonlight, she rests a eye on Gerard and takes him by the hand…
Her face is so beautiful, her eyes so big, her smile like a moonbeam… She is going to take him far away, very far… but what a strange resemblance to his dead sister!
Will Gerard be able to control the dread that comes over him when his mouth meets Loretta’s! Who then raped Gerard’s sister?


Gérard Gérard Depardieu
Loretta Nastassja Kinski
Bella Victoria Abril
Newton Channing Vittorio Mezzogiorno
Frank Dominique Pinon
Tom Gabriel Monnet
Jésus Bernard Farcy
Lola Bertice Reading
Frieda Milena Vukotic
Dora Anne-Marie Coffinet
La guimbarde Jacques Herlin

Written and Directed by JEAN-JACQUES BEINEIX

Based on the novel written by David Goodis
Adapted by Jean-Jacques Beineix and Olivier Mergault
Produced by Lise Fayolle for Gaumont

Language:  French with English Subtitles
TRT: 126 min

Official Selection Cannes Film Festival - 13 May  1983
Césars Nominations 1984:

- Victoria Abril, 2nd Best Actress
- Philippe Rousselot, Best Picture
- Winner: Hilton McConnico, Best Décor

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