Betty Blue - The Director's Cut

What The Critics Are Saying

“****…fully establishes the movie’s artistic bona fides… The movie is still an organic whole, its exuberant lovemaking and drunken carousing alternating with a committed relationship’s natural lulls.”
-Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York ...READ MORE>

--New York Magazine Critic’s Pick

 “The movie was colorful and swirling and oppressive all at once…” ...READ MORE>

“BETTY'S back, bigger and bolder than ever.”

-V.A. Musetto, New York Post ...READ MORE>

“A tribute to amour fou…”

-Melissa Anderson, Village Voice ...READ MORE>

“A master of style who manages to turn complex narratives and popcorn action sequences into spectacles of formal beauty…”

-Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine ...READ MORE>

“Summer isn't only the time for bombs and blockbusters. …it's the time for sexy,romp-filled French classics like Jean-Jacques Beneix's 1986 film Betty Blue.”

-Monika Bartyzel, ...READ MORE>

“Beiniex… make a one-two punch of erotic candor and emotional extravagance.”

-Armond White, New York Press ...READ MORE>

“…Jean-Jacques Beineix's 1986 Oscar-nominated romantic drama has a legacy that reaches far and wide.”

-Neil Pedley, ...READ MORE>

***…Beineix's camera captures the couple's symbolic struggles with perpetually effective angles and color schemes…”

-Joseph Jon Lanthier, Slant Magazine ...READ MORE>

“…[Betty Blue] deserves critical acclaim and notoriety.”

-Joe Bendel, J.B. Spins blogger ...READ MORE>


What The Critics Have Said Click Here
What The Critics Have Sa


  • Nominated -  Academy-Awards ® 1986 - Best Foreign Language Film
  • Nominated – Golden Globe – Best Foreign Language Film
  • Nominated - BAFTA - Best Foreign Language Film
  • Winner – Best Foreign Film – Boston Society of Film Critics
  • Winner - Best Director & Best Actress -18th Seattle International Film Festival
    (Golden Space Needle Awards)
  • 4 wins at at Montréal World Film Festival :
  • Best Film / Most Popular Film / Grand Prize of the Americas / Jury Prize
  • 9 Césars Nominations for Best Film / Best Director / Best Actor / Best Actress /
    Best Supporting Actor / Best Supporting Actress / Best Music / Best Editing /
    Best Poster
  • 2 wins at Paris: Prize of Youth / George de Beauregard Prize for Best Producer



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