Betty Blue - The Director's Cut

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"Betty" - Beatrice Dalle
"Zorg" - Jean-Hughes Anglade
"Eddy" - Gerard Darmon
"Lisa" - Consuleo de Haviland

Clip 1 -

Opening scene: "I had known Betty for a week. We screwed every night."

Clip 2 -
Betty shows up on Zorg's doorstep, bags in hand

Clip 3 -
After painting beach shacks with Zorg for his demanding boss, Betty in a fit of pique throws pink paint on the boss' car...

Clip 4 -
While cleaning, Betty discovers Zorg's forgotten manuscript. She decides he should be published and burns down his beach house so that they can move to the city...

Clip 5 -
Upon receiving a rejection from a publisher, Betty drags Zorg to the publisher's apartment where she gives him a piece of her mind ...and attacks him with a comb!

Clip 6 -
Betty, Zorg, Lisa and Eddy celebrate the end of the week. The party turns madcap with cigarettes, champagne and dancing.

Clip 7 -
Following the funeral of Eddy's mother, Zorg slips of to play the piano downstairs. Betty joins him and they profess their great love.

Clip 8 -
Zorg and Betty take up residence in Eddy's mother's house...enamored with the countryside Zorg 'borrows' a yellow car and takes Betty for a joyride.

Clip 9 -
Zorg takes Betty for a ride in the yellow car to a romantic spot in the countryside to celebrate her birthday.

Clip 10 -
Betty is pregnant. Zorg brings home gifts. They make love. (Some nudity.)

Clip 11 -
Zorg arrives home to find Betty gone and the results of the pregnancy test – negative! – on the table. He searches her and finds her very distraught.

Clip 12 -
Soon after, Zorg finds Betty crying in pouring down rain in cemetery. Her hold on reality is waning...

Clip 13 -
Kicked out from Betty's hospital room, Zorg dresses in drag to say his goodbyes.

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Directed By: Jean-Jacques Beineix

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